Design & tool construction

“Our philosophy of mold making for plastic injection molding.”

The diversity of plastics and their properties can no longer be overlooked in this day and age if new products are to be manufactured cost-effectively and efficiently. The supposedly high costs of tool production alone prevent some developers from taking this path.

PECO has developed a new concept in which in-house master forms in various sizes are used. Customer-specific tool inserts are built into these master moulds, from which the injection moulded parts are produced in our injection moulding production. Since the log structures, including the peripherals, are Peco property, the potential customer only has to bear the costs of the contour insertion into the raw tool insert.

This results in savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional injection moulding tool!

Simple “open – close” moulds, even for quantities of less than 1,000 units per year, can thus be realised quickly and cheaply.

Here you can see some examples with the possible dimensions and the corresponding tool costs:

If the dimensions are not sufficient, or if you have special wishes, ask us for your project.

A dimensioned drawing, better a 3D data set and the specification of the desired material are sufficient to make you a binding offer. We would also be pleased to advise you.

You have the idea and the application.
We help you with the design of form and function.

In our mould construction we use the most modern production technology to realise your ideas. In addition to the production of injection moulds and the subsequent production of the articles, we also offer all the services of a modern mould maker:

  • Wire and die-sinking EDM
  • Production of copper and graphite electrodes
  • HSC milling
  • Grinding / Diaform grinding
  • Gauge and fixture construction
  • etc.
  • construction

  • Touching the tools

  • Tool articles and intended use

  • eroding

  • eroding

  • Your logo on our parts