PECO POLYMONT® T-handle screw

item number: P 240


Standard material:

Steel, galvanized
Special thread inserts on request

Standard color:
Other RAL or special colours on request

Art.Nr. RH Bh1d1dLdata0data1data2data3data4data5data6
P24040220408402217817M 488 to request
P24040220410 402217817M 4108 691noteAdd to request
P24040220414402217817M 4148 to request
P24040220418402217817M 4188 to request
P24040220423402217817M 4238 to request
P24040220428402217817M 4288 to request
P24040220508402217817M 588 to request
P24040220510402217817M 5108 to request
P24040220514402217817M 5148 to request
P24040220518402217817M 5188 to request
P24040220523402217817M 5238 to request
P24040220528402217817M 5288 to request
P24040220533402217817M 5338 to request
P24040220538402217817M 5388 to request
P24040220610402217817M 6108 to request
P24040220614402217817M 6148 to request
P24040220618402217817M 6188 to request
P24040220623402217817M 6238 to request
P24040220628402217817M 6288 to request
P24040220633402217817M 6338 to request
P24040220638402217817M 6388 to request
P24040220643402217817M 6438 to request
P24040220648402217817M 6488 to request